Joslin Diabetes Track 

This track is perfect for hardware engineers, those experienced in image processing or app development, as well as clinicians who aspire to help patients find better ways to manage, monitor and administer medicine for their condition.


Global Health Technology Track

This track calls out all individuals passionate about solving healthcare challenges on a global scale. Participants especially motivated about improving the quality of life for populations with little to no resources will find this track right for them.


Telehealth and Mobile Track

As a patient, don’t you wish it was more convenient to see your clinician? This track would be great for individuals interested in developing disruptive mobile and telehealth solutions that could really work in an operational setting – and  transform the future of clinicians’ interactions with their patients – including you!


Global Genes Rare Disease Track

As Global Genes works to find cures for rare disease population, healthcare challenges patients and clinicians face can be tackled. This track is especially perfect for participants interested and passionate about finding solutions for the 350 million people worldwide affected by rare disease.


Hospital IT Track

If you’re a fan of cutting loopholes in government regulations, exploring and simplifying tens of thousands of diagnosis codes, or providing more efficient computing resources for hospital practitioners and professionals, then this is the right track for you!

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