Pre-hack Event

Healthcare’s Grand Hackfest: Data-Driven Pitch Workshop:

Join us for a special pre-hack event from 6-8PM on Thursday, February 27th at Hack/Reduce in Cambridge. Do you frequently have great ideas but trouble communicating them? The aim of this workshop is to help you hone your pitch so you can learn to effectively express your next breakthrough idea to an audience. This event is perfect preparation for Healthcare’s Grand Hackfest in March and will give you the added edge you need to get others on board with your idea. This workshop will be held in collaboration with BYHP Boston Young Healthcare Professionals and all pitches will focus on data-driven innovations for practice purposes.

How might we create a project mission statement that concisely articulates the need you aim to address AND what you will not address? Building on lessons from their most recent product launch, Firefly newborn phototherapy, Design that Matters will present tips on how to scope a project to maximize opportunity for creativity while simultaneously driving focus.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.51.33 PMLogo Black%5b1%5d

Event Location: 

275 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142

Event Sponsor: 


PillPack is a pharmacy that’s reinventing how people think of pharmacies. They’ve combined convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service to create a system that enables people to take the right medication at the right time. For the millions of people who take five or more medications every day, this means they can spend less time dealing with error-prone pill boxes or manual solutions and more time doing the things they enjoy.

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