Please apply through the following link:

Application Form

We will get back to you with additional details if you have been selected to participate in the hackathon. We look forward to reviewing your responses!

15 thoughts on “Application

  1. Hello,
    When will we find out if we have been selected to participate? Many thanks in advance for a timely response.
    Best, Fang

    • Hi Fang,

      If you’ve already submitted the application, acceptances are going out today. Best of luck and hope to see you at the Hackfest!

  2. Hi,
    I am a clinician and I just found about this event. Is it too late to submit an application?

  3. Hi,
    Is there an email or phone number I could reach to check the status of my application (and confirm whether it was received)? Thank you for your help!

  4. Hi,

    I also just found out about this event recently. I hope that you guys will be able to consider reviewing my application. I really appreciate your assistance and giving me the opportunity to participate!


  5. my daughter ANUSHA PILLAY got selected from vit vellore india by yourself she is going to join boston for h@ckfest on13 march 2014 she needs guidance for hotel booking john jefferies house boston and her confirmation for the fest

  6. Hi,

    Just curious if there are any particular skills/background you are looking for in an application? Can undergraduate students apply to the program as well?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Tom,

      All can apply. We review applications as they come in, so you should hear back very soon. If you don’t receive a response by Thursday, I would reapply to our next event. Thanks!

  7. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you have reviewed all applications that have been submitted so far. If so, have you sent out all acceptances as well?

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Hi, I’m a research analyst at MGH on genomics & health disparities. Is it too late to submit an application? Or even at the very least to just attend and witness the process. Thank you.

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